Get Involved

A Film and A Movement: Our Goals and How We’ll Get There

There are two aspects to the experience of Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens: an entertaining film & an audience engagement and social action campaign of:

1. Raising Awareness

We need to widen our cultural thinking regarding gender expression as a separate entity from one’s sex and one’s sexuality. To separate these three parts of human identity would broaden and deepen our social approaches (as well as school/legal policies) to issues like bullying, homophobia, and help internal identity struggles for young people.

This film will hopefully broaden the understanding of drag as an art form and to include the ENTIRE gender performance spectrum for the first time in a film.

2. Taking Action

With a national screening tour, we’ll have community discussions and events with local organizations including:

– 5 specific action items audience members can do, ranging from small and personal, to political and wider-ranging

– Audience/community involvement with online activism, community outreach, support, legislative efforts; actions may be standing up to a bully at school, having a discussion with a family member, starting a petition, tweeting or retweeting a post to widen involvement on a particular issue, writing a note to your senator online and/or at a screening.

– A postcard writing campaign in person & online (write to a family member, a political rep, a school, etc.)

– Interactive postings of stories and performances from viewers

– Discussions including question topics, chats, and forums on specific issues on the film’s website, on Facebook, and on tumblr

– Outreach resources for teens and others looking for help and support networks, and feedback from contact made about these resources.