Online Engagement

Online Activism and Interactive Engagement – a New and Powerful Tool for Reaching People

5sis-on-radio@KQIBfilm is a launchpad for social outreach, creating places to build community alongside the film — providing support, direction, and connection.

Through the film’s discussion topics, we encourage:
– connection for those who feel alone/oppressed/confused
– consideration and better understanding for those who are unsure how they feel or may feel judgmental but want to engage
– support for families and individuals who need it in relation to these complex (and often confusing) issues
– online tools for advocacy efforts
– volunteering opportunities with charities and local/national organizations

Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens works to open civil, supportive, and thoughtful discussions about the issues related to #KQIB — gender identity and expression (e.g., “What do you feel if your son wants to put on a dress?” or “How is Princess culture impacting your daughter?”), sexuality (“At what age did you know you were gay/straight/queer?” and “Are we all a little bit queer?”), sex (“People say you’re a boy or a girl – is it that black or white?” and “Does being a trans man mean you can’t wear pink?”), drag performance (“Do you like drag shows? Why?” and “Is there a difference between king and queen performances?”), and politics (“Why do some gay men dislike drag queens?” and “Would anything change if gay people got married legally?”).

If you’d like to be part of this effort, we’d love your help! Please contact us at kqibfilm [at] gmail [dot] com.