What You Can Do

Our release campaign has five aspects:
– a national screening tour with community discussions.
– partnership with a charity to raise awareness of the challenges facing LGBTQIA youth.
– screening for universities to improve campus life and tolerance.
– bringing the film to policy makers, putting a human face to politics that institutionalize discrimination.
– an online outreach and audience engagement/interactive campaign with our website, Twitter account, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr with a particular outreach to teens and college students.

We plan to bring the film to policy makers to discuss the assumptions we may make about gender, sexuality, etc.; to break down barriers between groups that often simply don’t interact or cross paths; and to bring a human face to laws and political agendas that sanction and implement discriminatory policies about marriage rights, child-rearing rights, hospital visitation rights, etc.

We believe KQIB can also help promote awareness of the complexities of gender expression and personal identity that often lead to bullying and/or gay teen suicide and runaways.

Please contact us at kqibfilm [at] gmail [dot] com to help with these efforts. This is a community-based movement, and we need your help to make it wide-reaching and effective.

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