Otterbein blog engagement project

Welcome and hello! My name is Koryn Naylor and I am at #Otterbein University in Creative Writing, Film and Women’s Gender and Sexuality. I aim to establish a home here, in collaboration with Five Sisters Productions and director Gabrielle Burton, for a blog that stimulates conversation and promotes critical thinking and questioning in relation to film, and current events. As any form of art seems to be, film is a direct reflection of our culture, our society and ourselves.

I am honored to be able to work with #FiveSistersProductions, women who reflect back to us the strength in women through history (with projects like #HalfTheHistory), or through the stories and lives of those in the drag and #LGBTQ+ community (#KingsQueensandInBetweens).

I think it’s time that we are able to look to the screen and recognize so much more than select stories, but also stories of those that often go unheard.

I’m interested to learn from others and to see what readers and viewers take in themselves, so please consider writing a post yourself and be part of this conversation. Contact me with ideas and thoughts.

This is a project, like the FSP company, that aims to include all voices with respect and humanity and hope for a positive, stronger future for all children tomorrow — and all people today — so let’s get to work.